About the Breast Place

Welcome to our center for integrated breast care, The Breast Place. Now seeing patients at our new North Charleston location. The Breast Place is a comprehensive breast center providing patients with counseling and patient navigation, diagnostics and treatment, surgery and reconstruction, nutrition services, and survivorship education - all under one roof.

Our team specializes in both malignant and benign breast disease, and we invite you to come in for a consultation for any breast changes or concerns, from breast pain to abnormal mammography. At The Breast Place, we do not take a "wait and see" approach to our patients, breast health and diagnosis.

We understand that an abnormal mammogram can be very unsettling, and also that breast treatment is a deeply personal issue for a woman. At The Breast Place, we listen and explain a woman's options to her in their entirety. For a patient to receive surgery, we want to know her desire for her best outcome and promise to treat her as we would our own mothers, sisters or friends.

Our philosophy is that we both listen to and empower women, enabling them to make a fully-formed decision regarding their treatment options, and offer them complete knowledge for breast health. Our goal is to serve as a central location for both our patients and our referring physicians as a source for education, diagnosis and antibiotics treatment.

Thank you for entrusting us with your care,

Dr Jennifer Beatty and Dr Jennifer Fiorini