Breast Place Services

At The Breast Place, our highly trained and experienced specialists diagnose and provide comprehensive breast cancer screening, evaluation, education and treatment for a range of breast disease. When we say we are multi-disciplined, we mean teams of medical professionals from several specialties work together to provide innovative treatment strategies and supportive care for patients with breast cancer and breast disease. Our surgeons, Dr Jennifer Beatty and Dr Jennifer Fiorini, are internationally certified in breast oncoplasty and work with patients to develop the most appropriate treatment plans to meet each person's unique needs. That includes integrated care from oncologists, plastic surgeons, a lymphedema specialist, radiation oncologists, nutritionists, and other sub specialists as needed.

Checklists and Preparation

Your First Appointment

You may be worried before your first appointment with a breast specialist, so it may be easier for you to have a checklist in hand to be sure you don't forget anything. Please bring:

  • A list of any symptoms you have experienced, even if it seems unrelated to your breast condition
  • A list of current medications, including vitamins and supplements
  • A list of any family history of cancer, including what kind of cancer, time of diagnosis, and treatment response, if possible
  • Your questions for the physician

Please feel free to call us at (843) 797-1941 or email us at if you have additional questions after your appointment.

Preparing for your Breast Biopsy

Before your procedure

  • Seven days before the breast biopsy, please stop taking Vitamin E, aspirin, over-the-counter drugs containing aspirin, Motrin, and Advil. Tylenol products can be continued. If you have a medical condition that requires you to take aspirin therapy or any blood thinner, then please check with your physician before stopping the medication.

On the day of your procedure

  • It is not necessary to fast for a needle biopsy.
  • Wear a bra to your appointment. Your health care team may place a cold pack against the biopsy site after the procedure, and the bra can hold the cold pack in place and provide support for your breast.
  • You may bring an iPod or other device to listen to during your procedure.


The Breast Place offers access to state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic services for patients with breast disease. We work closely with multiple radiology centers throughout the lowcountry where we may refer you for: digital mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), stereotactic breast biopsies, MRI-guided breast biopsies and surgical biopsies, with wire localization, as indicated.

We understand the anxiety associated with a breast condition and work to give patients the most prompt diagnosis possible and timely coordination of tests and appointments. Dr. Beatty and Dr Fiorini perform routine breast ultrasounds in their office, routinely refer newly diagnosed breast cancer patients for breast MRI, and have expertise in both fine needle biopsies and surgical biopsies. The Breast Place offers routine 24- to 72-hour turnaround for biopsy scheduling and availability of results.


The Breast Place team members will discuss the most appropriate approach for care with each patient with breast cancer. The treatment plan may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biological treatments, hormone therapy or a combination of these treatments.

If surgery may be an option, Dr Beatty or Dr Fiorini can perform your procedure at Roper St Francis, East Cooper Regional Medical Center, or Trident Health System. Charleston Surgery Center, Trident Surgery Center, Mount Pleasant Hospital.