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Does putting on the Pounds Increase your Risk for Breast Cancer?

Sep 10, 2012

Breast Cancer and Weight Gain

Does putting on the Pounds Increase your Risk?

For Immediate release- Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between weight gain and breast cancer risk, and a local breast surgeon says the findings should not be taken lightly. Dr. Jennifer Fiorini of The Breast Place states, “There have been studies that link weight to breast cancer. The most recent one shows that there is a direct correlation, especially for women who have had cancer and are hormone receptor positive.” This 2012 study concludes that overweight women have a thirty percent chance of recurrence and fifty percent chance of increasing their risk of death if they are overweight.

While this study pertains to specific type of breast cancer, Dr. Fiorini explains, “The bottom line is that if there is excess weight there is an increased risk for any woman.” She says that is in important to be aware of your BMI or body mass index. As a general rule, a BMI of more than thirty can indicate an increase risk of breast cancer as well as other health conditions. Dr. Fiorini advises, “ The more weight gain the higher the risk. It is important to keep an eye on the scale and on the BMI number to stay in optimum health.”

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