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Seabrook Island community recognizes The Breast Place's contribution to breast heatlh care at Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic

Mar 20, 2015

"The work of Wanda Weart and Sue Trent, along with referring physician Dr. Jennifer Beatty and the breast health navigator at RSFH, has changed the lives of hundreds of people. In 2014, they helped 155 women obtain screening mammograms. They tracked 34 women who were considered at high risk, even though some of them were no longer their patients. They provided 100% follow up care for every single abnormal result.

The heroes and heroines of this world are not the ones who draw attention to themselves and to all they have done. They are people like Wanda Weart, Sue Trent and Dr. Jennifer Beatty who perform miracles by simply paying attention to the details and doing their jobs everyday to the very best of their abilities."

- Barbara Burgess

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