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Feb 22, 2012
Dr. Jennifer Fiorini Joins the Breast Place

The Breast Place announces the addition of Dr. Jennifer Fiorini to the team. Dr. Fiorini joins Dr. Jenn

Beatty at the 2910 Tricom Street location.

Dr. Fiorini is a fellow with the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Medical Association and SC Medical

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Jan 24, 2012
Raymond Johnson is beating breast cancer

(WCIV) Dec 15, 2011 – His baby face is noticeable now without the beard. There’s a slight smile, but there is plenty of anxiety as Raymond Johnson is wheeled down a long hallway into an operating room.

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Oct 05, 2011
Trident Cancer Center Offers Minimally Invasive Treatment

(Summerville Journal-Scene) A patient of Dr Beatty’s receives brachytherapy and describes her experience and medical team.

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Aug 19, 2011
State to Cover Man’s Breast Cancer Care

(Post & Courier) Follow up story to Raymond Johnson’s fight to receive breast cancer coverage from Medicaid—a happy ending!

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Aug 07, 2011
Treatment Denied: Cross Resident With Breast Cancer Disqualified for Medicaid Program Because He Is A Man

(Front Page: Post & Courier) Dr Beatty’s patient, Raymond Johnson, faced gender discrimination when he was fighting his breast cancer. Dr Beatty and the staff of Charleston Cancer Center were advocates for Mr. Johnson until he received the coverage he deserved.

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