Breast Cancer Awareness and Beyond

Oct 18, 2019
Breast Cancer Awareness and Beyond
As October comes to a close, breast cancer awareness doesn't and shouldn't stop. Go beyond wearing pink and honoring these brave men and women for just a month. Find ways to support and love them all year round. Happy Mid October, everyone!

As October comes to a close, breast cancer awareness doesn't and shouldn't stop. Go beyond wearing pink and honoring these brave men and women for just a month. Find ways to support and love them all year round.

Happy Mid October, everyone! We hope you're still wearing your pink proudly and have been taking this month to reflect and support those who are fighting, have fought, and continue to fight the battle against breast cancer. But once this month is over, you don't have to stop your efforts. Use this month and every month to spread awareness about this disease that affects 1 in 8 women and over 2500 men a year in the US. It's a difficult fact, but most of us know at least one person who has been affected by this disease. We want to help and do anything that we can for our loved ones, but sometimes words fall short. It can be hard sometimes to know the perfect things to say or do during times of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. So, we wanted to share some tips with you on how you can support and love your loved ones as they start or continue through their journey. First, forget the pretense of perfect. Don't put that pressure on your loved one or yourself. Simple, honest things and actions from the heart always mean so much.

  • Bring Food! A warm, hot, delicious meal made from the heart that comes with little prep time or extra work can bring a lot of relief and comfort. A lot of the time these meals can be made into multiple meals and feed a lot of people, and can relieve stress and care for those who have been diagnosed and their families. Don't look down your nose at a good casserole. They can be a wonderful presence in these situations. 
  • Baking can help too. Bring treats to chemo treatments for your loved one, and you can share them with others who are also being treated that day and with their families too. 
  • Help with everyday stuff like chores and errands. Go grocery shopping while you're already out doing yours, pick up drying cleaning while you're out, and offer to help with laundry and cleaning around the house. Help with errands and picking up the kids from school. Do the yard work, walk the dog, and corral the older children of the family to pitch in around the house too. Instead of putting pressure on anyone by asking what you can do, just offer specific things, and do them. 
  • Show constant displays of love. Text messages, emails, and cards that are uplifting and funny are always special. Thoughtful gifts like flowers, balloons, and things they can use during treatment and on recovery days are much appreciated as well. 
  • Plan fun activities to take their minds off of everything. Plan manicures, pedicures, or take a nice walk. Plan a stay at home spa day, movie nights, simple craft days. Instead of pity or avoidance, keep inviting and showing your support. Invite your loved ones to game night, coffee, or lunch dates. 
  • Be a chemo buddy and go with them, sit with them, drive them to treatment, stay with them, drive them home after treatment, and stay with them for a while.
  • Listen to their needs. Everyone will have a different reaction to their chemo and their journey. Follow your gut on what you can do. 
  • Never feel offended if they turn any of your offers down, everyone heals differently. That doesn't mean your offers aren't appreciated. 
  • Get a mammogram and stay educated. 
  • Become the BEST listener. Don't center conversations around how you can relate, your experiences, or your advice. That makes the conversation about you, and not about them or what they are experiencing or feeling. 
  • Be an extra set of eyes and ears at appointments. Take notes and share what you heard and remind them of what was said. 
  • Follow and support their social media pages and blogs if they decide to record and share their journey this way. 
  • Instead of you trying to talk with them about it - help them get into contact with those who have also struggled and fought or get them involved in a support group geared towards their needs and experiences. 
  • Help keep their lives as normal as possible, especially if they have children. Spend time with them, play with them, take them to events, help out with homework, projects, and dedicating time and energy to them. 
  • Stay Positive
  • Do a walk
  • Gather donations from friends and family to help in the education, care, and fight

There is so much you can do, and even doing a little bit can go a long way. You can help your loved ones, and you can stand with them through their journey. We are here to help you stay strong, find your path, and continue your fight. We proudly wear pink for you this month and every month.