Breast Biopsy

Breast Biopsy

Breast Biopsy services offered in North Charleston, SC

Any unusual findings in the breast tissue may need a breast biopsy to determine if the tissue is cancerous. Jennifer Beatty, DO, FACS, and the team at The Breast Place in North Charleston, South Carolina, specialize in breast health and breast surgery. They can perform your breast biopsy and provide additional surgical interventions if necessary. Call the office today or schedule your breast biopsy with the specialists online today.

Breast Biopsy Q & A

I have a lump in my breast. Do I need a breast biopsy?

You need a breast biopsy if you have an abnormal mammogram or other concerning clinical symptoms. The team at The Breast Place can talk to you about the biopsy and when it’s necessary.

A breast biopsy takes a sample of the abnormal tissue and sends it to the pathology lab for evaluation. 

What happens during a breast biopsy?

The breast surgeon at The Breast Place explains what you can expect during your breast biopsy at your consultation. There are different techniques the team uses to get the tissue sample, such as:

Fine needle biopsy (FNA)

For an FNA, the breast surgeon uses a thin, hollow needle to get the tissue sample. This is the most straightforward technique, used on lumps you can feel with your hand.

Core needle biopsy (CNB) 

For a CNB, the breast specialist uses a larger hollow needle to retrieve the sample of tissue. You may need a CNB if you have suspicious findings from a mammogram but your provider can’t feel any lump during a breast exam.

Surgical biopsy

For a surgical biopsy, the breast surgeon makes an incision to remove the suspicious tissue and some of the surrounding healthy tissue. 

When can I expect results from a breast biopsy?

The team at The Breast Place explains when you can expect results from your breast biopsy. It can take several days. 

At the lab, the tissue sample is evaluated by a pathologist who specializes in examining tissue samples. They place the breast tissue under a microscope to look for abnormal cells. 

If the pathology results are negative, the team at The Breast Place may confer with the radiologist to determine if both agree on the findings. 

What if my breast biopsy is positive?

If your breast biopsy indicates you have breast cancer, the lab results will include the type of breast cancer you have. This information helps the team at The Breast Place decide what treatment is best. 

For compassionate care from a highly skilled team, call The Breast Place or book an appointment online today.