Lactation services offered in North Charleston, SC

Despite some misconceptions, breastfeeding is complex and may not come naturally to all women. At The Breast Place in North Charleston, South Carolina, Jennifer Beatty, DO, FACS, and the team offer lactation support to help you get through any difficulties you may have with breastfeeding. The providers are lactation specialists and have first-hand knowledge of how challenging breastfeeding is. Call or schedule your lactation consultation online today.

Lactation Q & A

When should I seek lactation support?

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby, you should seek lactation support while still pregnant. The team at The Breast Place includes lactation specialists who can talk to you about nursing and what to expect. They can also guide you on how to position your baby to help them latch on. 

You should also seek lactation support if you’re trying to breastfeed but you’re running into problems. Many women who have a hard time breastfeeding may give up. But with lactation support, you can get the guidance you need to continue breastfeeding for as long as you want. 

What are common lactation problems?

The team at The Breast Place treats many lactation problems. Some of the common issues include:

Clogged ducts

Clogged milk ducts are a common breastfeeding concern and occur when the milk ducts can’t fully drain. The lactation specialists at The Breast Place teach you how to clear the clogged duct and reduce the risk of future problems. 


Mastitis is inflammation of the breast tissue, which usually indicates an infection. With mastitis, you have breast pain, swelling, and redness. You may need antibiotics if you have mastitis. 


If you have pain when nursing, it’s time to schedule a lactation consultation at The Breast Place. The team can assess how your baby latches on and the positioning to find the cause of your discomfort. 

Nipple bleeding or cracking

Nipple bleeding or cracking is common with breastfeeding. The team at The Breast Place provides recommendations on how to treat bleeding and cracking. 

Fungal infections

Thrush is a fungal infection that women may get while nursing. The infection may cause breast pain, itching, or burning. You and your baby both need treatment for fungal infections. 

Low milk supply

Many women may decide to stop nursing when their milk supply runs low. But the team at The Breast Place can give you suggestions on how to boost milk production so you can continue to nurse.

What are the benefits of lactation support?

Lactation support at The Breast Place offers so many benefits to you and your baby. First, the team ensures your nursing gets off to a good start from the beginning and that you’re able to continue to breastfeed for as long as you desire.

Breastfeeding also helps you and your baby bond and provides your baby with the nutrition they need to support immune health, growth, and development.

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