Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic Surgery services offered in North Charleston, SC

Breast cancer surgery can affect the look of your breasts, leading to emotional distress and physical pain. Jennifer Beatty, DO, FACS, and the team at The Breast Place in North Charleston, South Carolina, perform oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer, improving aesthetic outcomes whether you’re getting a lumpectomy or mastectomy with reconstruction. Call the office or schedule a consultation online to learn more about oncoplastic surgery for your breast cancer.

Oncoplastic Surgery Q& A

What is oncoplastic surgery?

Oncoplastic surgery is a specialized area of medicine that combines breast cancer surgery with plastic surgery to improve aesthetic outcomes. 

The Breast Place is a private medical practice that includes surgeons who specialize in oncoplastic surgery. When creating surgical plans and performing procedures, the team focuses on making sure their patients feel beautiful and look natural after.

I need a lumpectomy. Should I consider oncoplastic surgery?

Though a breast-conserving procedure, a lumpectomy can alter the look of your breast. It can cause scarring, create asymmetrical breasts, or leave behind an indentation. Some of these changes may not appear until after you complete your radiation therapy.

If you have concerns about breast cancer surgery and how it may change your breast's shape or look, then you should consider oncoplastic surgery at The Breast Place. 

The team also performs mastectomies, a breast cancer surgery that removes the entire breast, and breast reconstruction surgery. 

What are oncoplastic surgery techniques?

The breast cancer specialists at The Breast Place have training in many oncoplastic surgery techniques. Some of the procedures they perform include:

Hidden Scar

Hidden Scar is an advanced breast cancer surgical technique that places the surgical incision in a location that’s hard to see, making the scar less visible after it heals.

Nipple sparing mastectomy

A nipple sparing mastectomy is a surgery that removes all of the glandular breast tissue through a small incision under the skin and nipple. This allows the oncoplastic surgeon to reconstruct the breast using your natural nipple. 

Natural reconstruction

Natural reconstruction is a fat transfer procedure. For this oncoplastic surgery, the surgeons remove fat from one area of your body, process it, and then use it to reconstruct a natural-looking breast.

Implant reconstruction

An implant reconstruction involves using a breast implant to recreate a natural breast following breast cancer surgery.

Breast lift and reduction 

For a breast lift and reduction, the surgeons at The Breast Place rearrange the tissue after removing the breast cancer, repairing changes in shape and size to create your desired look.

The goal of oncoplastic surgery is to remove the cancer and limit the unwanted physical and emotional scars that may follow. Call The Breast Place or schedule your oncoplastic surgery consultation online today.