Breast Cancer Management & Treatment

Jun 29, 2021
Breast Cancer Management & Treatment
Good morning Warriors and welcome back to The Breast Place’s blog! We hope you’ve been recuperating these past few weeks and are up and at’em today! If you’re new here though, I’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

Good morning Warriors and welcome back to The Breast Place’s blog! We hope you’ve been recuperating these past few weeks and are up and at’em today! If you’re new here though, I’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

We are The Breast Place; a team of individuals in Charleston, SC that aim to assist with treatment, management, and after care for health challenges men and women face such as breast cancer, body contouring, scar revisions, wrinkles, and general education. Breast cancer management and treatment is one of our more significant services, as you could probably tell from our name, but empowering women is our focus!

Since our team here specializes in both malignant and benign breast disease, we wanted to take some time to describe what breast cancer management and treatment looks like to the common person. Life is challenging alone, and when you throw breast cancer in the mix it can sometimes seem impossible- but don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re here to listen and support you in your fight against breast cancer, every step of the way.

So, what are some common breast cancer management methods or breast cancer treatments? Well, breast cancer can be treated in many ways and it all comes down to what kind of cancer it is and how much it has spread to other areas in your body. Most times, people with breast cancer may get a combination of treatment methods to help them win the fight with this disease.

Common treatment options for breast cancer are:

  1. Surgery
  2. Chemo / chemotherapy
  3. Hormonal therapy
  4. Biological therapy
  5. And Radiation therapy

Surgery is typically known as the simpler approach where doctors and surgeons cut out the cancerous tissue directly. Chemotherapy is most commonly associated with cancer treatments these days, but the way it works is by shrinking or killing cancer cells. This medicinal treatment can sometimes be pills or intravenously. Hormone therapy essentially practices preventing the cancer cells from getting the hormones they would need to grow by blocking that off. Biological therapy empowers your immune system to fight the cancer cells more effectively, and can also be used to manage the side effects from other treatments listed. Last but not least, radiation therapy utilizes high-energy rays to kill the cancer cells over time.

Though these are the professional and medical treatments for breast cancer, what happens when the treatments are over and you go home? Breast cancer management is more than just your regular doctor’s appointment, there are things to take note and care of when those treatments are all said and done. These professional treatments may help send the cancer into remission or manage it well, but unpleasant side effects are not uncommon.

With any combination of the listed breast cancer treatments, your body is putting up a fight! It’s important to acknowledge that and take care of yourself as much as possible. Become the epitome of ‘self care’ during these times, and remember to be gentle with yourself. Some side effects you may experience after breast cancer treatments are fatigue, headaches, pain, menopausal symptoms, memory loss, and poor sleep. Give your body what it needs to heal itself and keep going by taking a look at this list of self care ideas and advice!

  1. Be physically active. I’m sure the last thing you may feel like doing after a treatment is exercise, and that’s okay! Studies show that women with breast cancer who were regularly active diminished their fatigue and were more likely to keep their energy up! Daily walks, jogs, workouts, or yoga are great ways to work in that exercise time with consideration to your daily schedule and treatment plans. Be sure to check in with yourself and make sure you’re well enough to complete the exercise or activity first! If you have a low white blood cell count, fever, infection, anemia, or cancer within your bones, be very careful and wary of excessive exercise. Ask your doctor first.
  2. Focus on eating well. A balanced diet can really do wonders for your body by giving it the proper nutrients and resources it needs to fuel you throughout the day! Be sure you are intaking enough calories and protein, eating or drinking your servings of fruits, and consider a multivitamin. It may be a good idea to work with a physical trainer or nutritionist that can help you navigate the changes your body may go through during your treatments too.
  3. Get your beauty sleep! Dimming the lights, having a scheduled ‘no-tech’ time before bed, cooling down your room, and limiting the noise you experience before and during your rest will help you sleep more soundly overall. Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from cell phones and screens keep the brain active and awake, which can be counterproductive if you’re needing sleep! When your body has enough sleep, you will have enough energy the next day to function at your best! Make sleep a priority and you will see beneficial results for sure.

These tips may sound like your typical common sense health tips, right? Exercise, eat right, and sleep a lot. The truth of the matter, our beautiful warriors, is that that’s what has honestly been proven beneficial, healthy, and proactive in keeping your body and mind at its best! If you take the time to give your mind and body these things, you are absolutely sure to put your best foot forward in tackling the difficult days ahead. 

To take time and consideration for your mind, we recommend finding the best self care method for you! Self care is less about trendy behaviors and activities and more about what works best for you and your lifestyle. You may be an outdoorsy person where gardening, park trips, beach trips, hiking, picnics, or even just reading or drawing outside makes you happy. Or perhaps you’re an extroverted person who loves being around people! Concerts, public activities, fairs or festivals, networking, clubs, and friend/family gatherings would suit you well. Either way, your favorite hobbies are typically the best route to go when you’re needing self-care. Some of our favorite ways to indulge self care and resting your mind are spa days, massages, beach trips, and meditation! 

If these things are difficult or are becoming difficult, remember to be kind to yourself as you're going through treatments and aftercare. You are a warrior and part of what makes you strong in this fight is that you’re not alone- the support structure around you made up of your friends, family, and our team here at The Breast Place are here!

Keep going and take care, Warriors!