Self-care tips

Mar 15, 2022
Self-care tips
Hello, Warriors! Welcome to The Breast Place blog and thank you for taking time out of your active schedule to visit! We appreciate our readers to the utmost degree, as we do our patients.

Hello, Warriors! Welcome to The Breast Place blog and thank you for taking time out of your active schedule to visit! We appreciate our readers to the utmost degree, as we do our patients. If this is your first visit to The Breast Place blog, we welcome you. We cover a range of topics here. From breast cancer management to anti-aging skin treatments to helpful tips for maximizing your overall health and wellness—The Breast Place is committed to sharing the best health practices and treatment options with you! Our offices are open and our staff is prepared to answer any questions you may have about your health, your breast cancer risk, and how to reach your aesthetic goals. 

At The Breast Place, we offer several oncoplastic surgical procedures, such as natural reconstruction, nipple-sparing mastectomy, Hidden Scar™, implant reconstruction, and breast lift with or without reduction. Oncoplastic surgery is distinct from both breast cancer surgery and plastic surgery–though you initially assume oncoplastic surgery to be a mixture of both. Rather, the aim of oncoplastic breast surgery is “to achieve good aesthetic outcomes for women with breast cancers who would have unacceptable outcomes with other BCS techniques, and in addition, enable breast-conserving surgery for larger breast cancers.” While breast cancer surgery prioritizes the eradication of cancerous tissue and plastic surgery prioritizes the cosmetic appearance of the breasts, oncoplastic surgery takes both of these aspects into account when planning for the final outcome. You can find out more information about what to look for in an Oncoplastic surgeon here. 

Our last article discussed body contouring, sometimes referred to as “body sculpting”. This is an increasingly popular procedure that aims to reshape parts of the body and reduce fat. Here at The Breast Place, we utilize truSculpt iD from Cutera, which is an FDA-approved, non invasive fat removal device for quick fat loss. This device uses the latest body sculpting technology personalized to fit anyone, and there is almost no limit to the areas that can be treated, unlike other devices on the market. This non-surgical sculpting has no downtime, which means it can be completed during your lunch break! If you’re interested in learning more about body contouring, feel free to check out our last post!

Before we dive into today’s topic, we’d like to make you aware of a few promotions available at The Breast Place this March. Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by treating yourself? We’re offering a free EltaMD product with the purchase of Laser Genetics. You can also get double the Alle Rewards when you get Botox or Juvederm! Learn more about that rewards program here. This month we are offering Botox for just $10 per unit, and we will be donating $1 for every unit of Botox to our charity of the quarter. This quarter, we are donating proceeds to the Lonon Foundation, which is a charity dedicated to helping children affected by their parent or caregiver’s cancer diagnosis. You can find out more about the Lonon Foundation here. If you haven’t received a breast screening in a while, we encourage you to schedule one. (You can perform a self-exam in the meantime using this resource.) Overall, we encourage you to use this month to practice self-care techniques and take time to pamper yourself whenever possible.

Speaking of self-care, in today’s article, we’ll be discussing easy self-care tips that you can incorporate into your routine. There is a lot going on in our world today, and the past two years have been incredibly rough for all of us. It can feel overwhelming and with your busy schedule, it may seem like you have no time to relax. We’re here to change that! If you’re interested in learning about a few self-care techniques that you can start implementing today, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

What is self-care?

Self-care refers to the process of taking care of oneself through healthy habits and behaviors. The World Health Organization defines this as “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” This includes everything related to overall wellness, including physical, mental, and emotional health. Practicing self-care can have a variety of benefits, including the possibility of living longer. Routine self-care is important, but it can become even more important if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Self-care is not selfish. You need to be healthy in order to care for others. 

There are a variety of ways to practice self-care, with some being very minimal tasks that can be performed in just a few minutes. Small tasks like going for a short walk or treating yourself to a warm bubble bath are forms of self-care. Here are some simple ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.


Journaling has increased in popularity in recent years, especially throughout quarantine. This can be done in a simple notebook or you can purchase a more spunky journal online or in stores. (Some journals come with prompts, so you don’t have to wonder what to write about.) If you’re not sure how to get started with journaling, try taking a few minutes every night to simply write down one positive thing that happened to you that day. It doesn’t have to be complex– Maybe someone complimented your clothing or makeup, or you got your favorite drink at Starbucks. Anything that made you happy today can be written in your journal! If you feel like taking more time to write in your journal, you can consider writing about your current feelings. Sometimes getting your thoughts out onto paper can bring relief. You can also doodle in your journal. There are no rules! Journaling can help reduce stress, manage anxiety, and cope with depression or trauma. 

Pamper yourself

We often hear about the importance of skincare, and it still stands true. Skincare shouldn’t be a chore, however. Think about it as pampering yourself, and turn your skincare routine into a self-care party. Simply massaging moisturizer or a serum into your skin can relax both your body and mind. Not only will skin care products give you healthier skin and a glowing complexion, but they can make you feel better overall by providing a boost of confidence. Try to take one night out of your week to enhance your skincare routine by adding a face mask or a facial roller. Facial rollers are great for working serums into the skin and performing lymphatic drainage massages, which helps reduce puffiness. You can also set a night aside to take a relaxing bath, rather than a quick shower. Soaking in a warm bath is a great way to wind down after a long day or week. (You can add bubbles or candles for a little extra treat!)


These days, we’re all pretty much addicted to our phones. Social media can be incredibly time-consuming and draining. Try turning off your phone for about 30 minutes each day, and stay off of other devices. You can use this time in a variety of ways. Consider practicing meditation and simply taking time to breathe. This might also be a good time to write in your journal, use a sheet of paper to create a gratitude list, or dedicate this 30 minutes to your skincare routine. Start reading an interesting book, give yourself an at-home manicure, take time to simply chat with your family, make and enjoy a healthy snack, go for a walk around your neighborhood or sit outside and enjoy the sunshine (don’t forget your SPF!). The possibilities are endless! When you do return to social media, consider going through and unfollowing accounts that don’t make you feel good. Your feeds should be full of people who lift you up, so unfollow those who may make you think negatively about yourself. 

Try something new

Whatever your interests may be, take the time to learn something new! For example, if you are a creative person, maybe you want to learn how to crochet, use watercolors, or try your hand at ceramics and pottery. Enjoy cooking? Find and try out a new recipe. Plan a trip with a friend to a new restaurant or to your favorite restaurant, but try something new off of the menu. If you’re at the gym, try using new equipment or implementing a new exercise into your workout routine. Consider watching a documentary or historical film that you haven’t seen before, to learn something new. Have you had a new hobby in mind that you’ve been meaning to pick up? What better time than now to start?! There are so many wonderful things that the world has to offer.

With a busy schedule, it may seem impossible to incorporate self-care into your routine. But, we want to assure you that it won’t hurt to take a few minutes to care for yourself. Your mind and body will thank you! We hope you found this article helpful. We are committed to empowering women, and we are proud to offer treatments and products to help you look and feel your best. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s article and we hope you’ll check back in for future posts about treatments, wellness, and more!