Telltale Signs of a Reformed Sun Worshipper

Apr 02, 2020
Telltale Signs of a Reformed Sun Worshipper
Taking the confusion out and adding the zinc to your sunscreen... We have all been told at least once the miracle ingredient we need to add to our skin care regimen… SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN!

Taking the confusion out and adding the zinc to your sunscreen...

 We have all been told at least once the miracle ingredient we need to add to our skin care regimen… SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN!

I, like many of us from my “era”, worshiped the sun as a teenager. I cringe when I think about life-guarding 10 hour shifts covered in baby oil; and how every spring break and summer started with a 3rd degree burn. If the SPF in my tropical tanning oil was higher than a 4, and didn’t smell like Hawaii, it wasn’t going in my pool bag.

Turning 40 exposed all those years of abusing my skin with emerging hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, and broken capillaries. Now, the one item that I won't leave the house without is a BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen with Zinc. Zinc sits on the top of the skin and starts protecting you immediately when applied. Broad spectrum SPF refers to sunscreens that protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Even with a high SPF (sun protection factor), if a sunscreen isn’t broad spectrum, you won’t be protected from UVA rays. It’s important to protect from both types of UV rays because they damage your skin differently. Here is a short breakdown:

  • UVB has a B for “burning” – these rays cause sunburn, aging, and potentially skin cancer
  • UVA has an A for “aging” – these rays cause wrinkles and potentially skin cancer (although less than UVB) after repeated exposure. UVA rays make up more than 90% of all UV radiation, and penetrate clouds and glass, year-round.

Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons all over the world concur that sunscreens containing zinc are the only real way to prevent skin damage and premature aging. It is extremely important to note that ALL skin types are susceptible to skin cancer. Now there is even research suggesting Blue Light (highly visible light), which causes hyper-pigmentation, is also emitted from the screens on our computers, laptops , and mobile phones. Another reason to slather up with a zinc based sunscreen before you go to school or

work! If these reasons don’t persuade you, let the coral reefs be a reason to use an environmentally safe zinc based sunscreen. Chemically based sunscreens break down coral, causing it to lose its nutrients, turn ghostly white or bleach and often die or become unable to reproduce. 

Now, you probably envision zinc sunscreen from the eighties… the white gooey stuff more suitable for the circus… well, here’s a welcome update! My all time favorite , ELTA MD sunscreens, are mixed with 9% transparent zinc oxide.

You don't have to worry about a clown like or chalky finish, and it's water-resistant up to 80 minutes, passing the test of beach waves and summer runs. The Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 is a fantastic option for your face—particularly if you have oily skin, as the infusion of lactic acid simultaneously kills lingering breakouts, while reducing shine. The formula is also rich in hyaluronic acid, so you won't have to pile on the moisturizer beforehand, and the side of niacinamide can help to fade existing sun damage. The tinted version is like magic, it seamlessly blends into almost anyone’s skin, acting either as a light foundation or the perfect primer!

As far as the rest of your body goes, Elta MD has a full line of products, including a Sport Sunscreen, to protect you and your family...all containing zinc! On a side note, for those of us who began protecting ourselves a little later in life, there is an option to help reverse some of that hyper-pigmentation and those broken capillaries from our previous sun goddess days. My newest treatment obsession, Laser Genesis, uses micro-pulses of laser energy to diminish the signs of vascular facial redness and stubborn brown spots. Added bonus…Laser Genesis also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with collagen remodeling! The Breast Place is excited to offer packages of this no down time laser treatment, as well as many other skin rejuvenation packages personalized for your individual needs at your free skin consultation. Call me anytime at The Breast Place, extension 203!