What To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Jan 19, 2021
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A new year means new goals and resolutions to many of us. Why not try laser hair removal to kick off your 2021? Hello readers, warriors, and friends! Welcome to The Breast Place Blog and welcome to a brand new year!

What To Know About Laser Hair Removal

A new year means new goals and resolutions to many of us. Why not try laser hair removal to kick off your 2021? 

Hello readers, warriors, and friends! Welcome to The Breast Place Blog and welcome to a brand new year! For many, a new year means new resolutions, new goals, and trying new things. Remember, when the clock strikes midnight, and you wake up on January 1st ready to make big changes, all the goals you've made are meant to be accomplished throughout the year. Don't try and do everything at once or by the end of January! If you try to do this, you'll be ready to throw all of your goals and resolutions in the garbage before Valentine's Day! Remember, we are all about healthy, steady, and positive growth. The changes that you make that you want important results from take time, patience, and a willingness to get through the good days and the bad. As we all walk into this new year of 2021 together, let's be kind and resilient, let's take our time, let's work hard, and let's support one another with whatever goals we set for ourselves! 

While we might not be able to help with all of our goals or resolutions for 2021, we can help you with trying new things. Have you been putting off trying something new for yourself that you've been wanting to try for a while now? We can't tell you how often we hear that in our offices with our services like scar revision, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and our laser hair removal services. Many of our patients also say that they wish they would have tried these services sooner, and don't know why they waited so long to try them! Have you been thinking about finally trying some of our services this new year? We are ready to get started, consult with you, and answer any questions you might have. To inspire you, we wanted to dedicate this blog to laser hair removal and talk about the truth behind it, the benefits of laser hair removal, and what our services are like at The Breast Place! 


Hair in unwanted places can offset self-confidence and mental well being. Treatments can also sometimes affect where and how hair grows. The Breast Place is now offering laser hair removal in the office with the latest laser technology. Contact us to schedule a cosmetic consultation with our licensed professionals. 


  • One of the favorite benefits of laser hair removal that we personally love is that you're able to shave between sessions. While your hair will be growing much differently after your first few treatments and will not be as thick once you start treatments, if there is hair you want to shave in between treatments, that's fine! You don't have to wait and let your hair grow out like you do when you use waxing as your preferred hair removal. Shaving between treatments can actually help your laser hair removal treatments be more enjoyable. 
  • Laser hair removal has long-lasting effects. With every treatment you have, it will take longer and longer for your hair to grow back. Even when it does decide to grow back, it will be much finer hair and will be much more sparse than it ever was before. Over time, where you choose to get your treatments might become more hairless until finally, no hair grows back. 
  • Precision is key when it comes to treatments like this. Thanks to its level of innovation, laser hair removal treatments can target and remove even the darkest and coarsest hair on your body in the hardest to reach places and not damage your skin while doing so. 
  • It's a quick treatment! Every pulse of the laser tool can target an area up to the size of a quarter every second to treat multiple hairs at one time. Large treatment areas can be finished in around an hour while smaller areas can be finished within minutes. 
  • Ingrown hairs can be a very painful and potentially dangerous thing to deal with. They can lead to infection and other issues and can come from traditional or waxing hair removal methods. Laser hair removal helps prevent ingrown hair and can potentially eliminate them. Laser hair removal is a great option for individuals who are prone to ingrown hairs or who have very sensitive skin. It can be very difficult for individuals with sensitive skin to shave or wax as regularly as they'd like to due to the simple fact that it hurts! Laser hair removal can provide them with quick hair removal that doesn't irritate their sensitive skin! 
  • Laser hair removal helps you save money. While you might be paying a larger sum upfront than you do every time you get a wax or buy your own personal shaving tools, once you have a few treatments, you won't need to worry about buying those other products. That's going to add up to some serious extra money in your pocket! 
  • You will also be saving time with laser hair removal treatments. You will no longer have to shave every day and treatments in our offices are also very short and easy to schedule into your busy life. 
  • After your laser hair removal sessions, the only thing you'll be left with is smooth hair-free skin. You will not be left with any scars or any painful side effects. Threading and waxing can be extremely painful, and who hasn't cut themselves shaving at least once in their lives? Laser hair removal is a mess-free process that won't cut, burn, bruise, or irritate your skin. 
  • Laser hair removal is a service for everyone and all skin tones. 
  • Laser hair removal treatments will leave your skin naturally softer than it was before your treatments. 
  • It can remove the most stubborn hair from any part of your body. 
  • Compared to many other hair removal options, it is one of the least painful! 

That all sounds pretty incredible, right? We have to agree with you on that! It's a treatment that we would recommend to everyone, and are happy to help and answer any questions you might have. 


On top of all of its many benefits, we also wanted to share a few more pieces of information to consider while you prepare for your treatments. 

  • If you are planning on getting laser hair removal treatments, you cannot use self-tanning products three to four weeks before your treatment. 
  • Please remove any makeup from any areas you wish to have treatment, make sure to remove it and clean your skin thoroughly before coming in. 
  • It is recommended to shave the area you are getting treatments on. Do not wax or pluck the area, please just shave it and make sure the area is clean. 
  • Treatment areas also need to be cleaned of any lotions, sun creams, or deodorant before treatment. 
  • Please do not go to the gym right after your treatments. Give yourself at least 24 hours after your treatments to return to the gym. If you don't you're giving bacteria an excellent environment to grow in, thanks to the heat already in your skin left over from your treatments. Add in a little sweat, and you'll be ready to grow some pretty potent bacteria. 
  • You might need to consider avoiding using certain beauty products around your laser hair removal treatments. Products that contain glycolic acid and retinol should be avoided before and after treatment for a few days, and chemical peels should be avoided for a few weeks before and after treatments as well. 
  • It is recommended to avoid and limit sun bathing and tanning beds while you're receiving laser hair removal treatments. The tool used for the treatment might confuse the color of your skin with the color of your hair follicles if they're the same color. 
  • Please share with us what medications you're taking before treatments begin. Antibiotics and other medications can be light and heat sensitive. 
  • There are different lasers for different skin types, skin colors, and hair colors so you will be matched with exactly what you need for your body to have a good experience! 
  • It is normal to experience some swelling and redness after treatment. Over the counter products like aloe vera can help with these minimal side effects. 
  • Your skin is going to be more sensitive than normal after your treatments. Please use sunscreen every day before and after your treatments, at least a 30SPF or higher! 

After reading this blog, you should now know all the basics about how to prepare, what to expect, and all the incredible benefits laser hair removal can provide. However, we welcome you to reach out if you have any questions. It is also extremely easy to book an initial consultation with us on our website! We are so excited to share this new year with you and to help you try those new things you've always been wanting to! Dear readers, please know we are always here for you with your best interests at heart. Please stay safe, make smart decisions, and be kind to yourself in 2021!